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Jay vanity a former makeup artist and YouTube beauty advisor was driven to give women of all ages flawless lashes. Her love and passion for it inspired her to open a business to deliver just that, flawless lashes. That's when Vanity Lashes was created in 2012.
It all started at a young age of 16 when her mother taught her how to apply false lashes for fun, she became obsessed with how it could completely transform the appearance of your eyes in just a second.
After attending cosmetology school she pursued a career in makeup artistry she became inspired to create her very own false eyelash line/brand after some researching came across the latest trend eyelash extensions! It became a huge interest to her, she figured why have to glue on false eyelash strips everyday when you can apply lash extensions and just wake up ready to go, no mascara ever needed! it all made sense, this was it! What we've all been looking for and at the time nobody was really offering. After plenty of training and lots of practice she perfected her skill and decided it was time to give woman the confidence of feeling beautiful just waking up with gorgeous lashes.

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